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The 新光大道 had expired. The feeling of the express queue is like a star walking on the red carpet ( without waving hands at your fans/supporters).

The normal proceduce would be just renewing the pass before crossing the causeway.

Over the weekend ( 9th Jan 2016), the moment i stepped onto the Malaysia’s custom, the office was in pit black and there was a banner just right outside of it. As usual, the custom was chaotic. The huge army of people right in front of us. I quickly snapped a picture of the banner and joined the queue.

“Damn, this gonna take at least an hour”

Having no choice, B had to join the queue with me. I took out the photo to have a second look.
“So, they have a office in Singapore now? Does that mean that the fee going to be charged in SGD?”

B :” definitely”

Feeling helpless without data access, i tried googling for more information on the relocation when i am back home.

In summary

  • MACS can only be done in Singapore unless you have properties in Iskandar, you could do that in JB.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for 2 years before it expires
  • You have to apply it in your physical self personally. You can’t bring all your 祖宗十八代 passports and submit on their behalf.
  • Bring your IC
  • It’s going to cost you SGD 35 ( yes, it’s stated on the vendor’s website, $15 goes to the Malaysia’s government and the balance goes to the service fee of the vendor. Hey, at least they are honest about it).
  • You need a HARDCOPY of passport photo.
  • You could only apply during working hours ( 830am-430pm). Applications received/ processed before 2pm, you could pick it up the following day (730pm – 9pm, yeah to afterwork hours, skipping dinner to collect the passport …).
  • Your passport will be kept by them for 1-2 days depending when you submit the applications.

Here am i, updating this at MEVAS, the one stop center. Reached around 940am, and most likely i need to wait for at least 2 hours? The poor staffs have to endure with all the anger from the public when they are just paid to service the applications. I think i see at least 1 in 4 applicants making noise at the counter.

Oh well, CNY is coming, just want to get this done to avoid the queue and hope that they will starts doing the MACS application back at the custom again. Meh.

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