Last day of 2013

What were you doing on the last day of the year?

B and I were baking bread (again) at home.
First try was kind of successful. Edible but seems that we did not proof the dough long enough.
We tried out Jamie Oliver’s bread receipe but 1kg of bread flour is really too much as in, we do not want to bake that much of bread and take weeks to finish.

Anyway for the second attempt, we tried out this recipe (Olive Oil Bread) but later on i found that we are actually baking olive bread and found this site is much more detailed and useful.

Here was what we prepared:


During the first proved. It was suppose to grow to double of it’s original size!


Hitting out the air after an hour.


And letting it to prove the second time.


Out from the oven!


View from the top


Inner part of the bread


Happy new year !! :)

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