4th week

Here I am. Writting. 

Start of 4th week of my first business trip to Eindoven. Till the last moment, on the day of my flight, i could not believe that that i am going away for 5 weeks business trip.

Then again, i really appreciate the opportunity that i have got here. Learning to be independent and figuring my way out in a foreign country.

Adventurous yet timid of the thought “what if i got robbed?” , “what if i got lost?”, “what if ..?”

Just thinking of the problems does not get me to anywhere. I remembered telling someone i lacked of confidence. She asked:”In what way that makes me feel that way?” After sharing, she said “you lacked of preparation, that was why you do not feel confident”

Come think of it. It’s true.

“What if i got lost?”

I have wifi, battery pack, a phone and a mouth that can speak a common language. What makes myself think that i will get lost?

“What if i got robbed?”

I do not look flashy, my stuffs are well kept. And does not even looks like an easy target. What makes me think that someone would waste such an effort to rob me?

Stay calm and think. Counter fear with logic.

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