Unspoken love.

Unlimited tolerance.

Endless forgiveness.

Everyone express love differently. My parents always quarrel over little things but when one fell ill, the other put everything aside and wants to be by her side.

I remembered there was once my mum dropped a claypot (luckily not directly on her foot) the bigger bits and pieces cut and left a few deep wounds on her foot. She called me and was unable to describe the situation properly.

“I dropped the claypot and ..and.. Blood is everywhere” she told me over the phone while i was on the way to office. I freaked out.

“Stay where you are! Don’t move! I’m coming back” i hang up. Dashed through the MRTgantries and got into the cab.

Dad was cleaning up the scene. I was still able to see smudges of blood on the white marble floor. Mum was sitting at her usual chair with toilet papers soaking with blood rolled up at her ankle.

“Omg!” I exclaimed.

“Let’s go to the hospital” Dad said.

Mum probably felt at ease when both of us are home and sluggishly picked up her bag and slowly limped to the car.

“I was at the polyclinic and received mum’s call. I rushed home by cab and forgot to pick up my medicine” Dad explained while driving to the hospital.

For someone only takes buses and never ever take cabs even when he’s ill actually rushed home via cab at that moment.

Having heard that, Mum would still said “you do not need to rush back what” eventhough she felt the sweetness from Dad deep down in her heart.

While waiting for our turn, Dad waited patiently for us in the car which i think took an hour to clean up the wounds and do further checkup to ensure no broken pieces in the wounds.

Mum was discharged on the same day and we had lunch together. Everything went back to normal the following day.

That was actually the first time i see Dad did care for Mum in an more open manner.

Let your family knows you love them too today. :)

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